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 Five reasons 

 Why buy ART ?

1. The eye-catching art piece will underline the uniqueness of your place. It will make otherwise ordinary walls colorful and thoughtful.

Moreover carefully selected artwork will resonate with your subconscious

and will give you a chance to come down and tune into a relaxing wave. 

Black Cat Silhouette

2. By buying art,

you will support human culture.

Without collectors, there would be no da Vinci, Raphael, or Malevich.

As an art collector, you will be in good company with Cardinal Richelieu, Medici family, and many other famous philanthropists.

3. On the long run, finance in art has proved to be more profitable than an investment in the stock market.

Van Gogh's painting The Red Vineyard was sold during his lifetime for as low as 400 francs. This painting is currently being exhibited at Pushkin's Museum of Fine Art in Moscow. And if the museum would decide to sell The Red Vineyard now, the original selling price would be multiplied by a million.

So by investing now, you might be providing quite a strong heritage to many following generations for your family.


 4.With the power of art, every day  you can travel to some special place you love the most and let your nostalgia to kick in. Busy streets of  Amsterdam, cozy Mediterranean town somewhere in Italy, a beautiful landscape somewhere in Switzerland  or if you prefer some curious adventure, the art could even bring you closer to the stars.


5. According to Professor Semir Zeki’s research, a neurobiologist at the University College London, viewing of art increases dopamine and the activity in the brain's frontal cortex, which results in experiencing pleasure similar to as being in romantic love or recreational drug-taking.
Isn’t that a good enough reason to add a few pieces of art to your surroundings?


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