About Me

A Russian artist from St.Petersburg, who couldn't find the right place in hometown. 

The art was always close to me, and  I've been painting and drawing since I ever remember myself.

Since 8 years old I started to study art in a local Art School.

After years, when the time has come to decide the university, I started to put all of my efforts on researching and developing my voice in this field instead.  

So nowadays you can see a result of my four-year-journey.

About Art

I believe that humans experience their strongest emotions when their eyes are closed. It feels like lightning flashes at dark night: fast, blinding and almost impossible to catch with a naked eye. 

And chasing this idea I carefully gather such emotions and craft my artworks based on them.


I develop my own style borrowing techniques from old masters and amplifying them by modern pigments and mediums available nowadays. My art is a bizarre mix of abstractionism, figurative art, and surrealism all together to achieve the viewer’s resonance between visual effect and message of the painting.

Future Exhibitions

Past Exhibitions

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