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Van Lanigh is a painter, photographer, and sculptor based in the Netherlands whose works have been exhibited nationally, as well as in Switzerland, the United States, Japan, France, Germany, Hong Kong, England, Italy, and South Korea.


Describing her art as an unusual blend of abstractionism, figurative art, and surrealism, she endeavors to achieve resonance with viewers through the use of visual effects and the message of each piece. Lanigh's vibrant compositions are created using oils, oil pastels, acrylics, plastic, and clay.


Artist Statement

Van Lanigh is an artist based in the Netherlands. She had a tough childhood with abusive parents and made the first attempt to run from home when she was 7. Escaping from reality to the imaginary world assisted her to deal with anxiety. This developed into a strong spatial visualisation ability which helped her to become the youngest student in a local Art School. At sixteen she left home for the last time to start an artistic career and two years later moved to the Netherlands. Releasing her emotions into work connects realism and abstractionism through the lens of subconsciousness to achieve superconsciousness.

Her work deals with continuous search to find peace in chaos. Abstract art is not enough to depict complexity of our world and mind. And beyond that psychological subjective perspective born metarealism. She defines Metarealism as the multi-dimensional perception of reality in the search for the feeling of subconscious happiness, which became the core idea of her work.

Van_Lanigh_Universe Express_2021_oil on canvas_120Lx80Wx2D.png

Future / Current

Past Exhibitions

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